Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why a blog now....

Erin and Suzanne - thanks for the comments about the color scheme. It looks just fine on my computer, but I hadn't been able to check it on others. Let me know if this is any better. Much like me, this blog is a work in progress!

So, I thought I would write a little about what really helped me decide to start writing in a blog again. Yes, Erin's "whatever happened to" email put the thought in my mind, but ultimately, I decided to blog as a result of death of another member of my YSA Branch.

Heather Davis and I have known each other for 10 years. When I moved to Texas from Louisiana, Heather was in The Colony 1st Ward with me and we attended and graduated from The Colony High School together as well. We weren't in the same crowd, but we had our times together in Laurels and at other church activities. I didn't keep in touch and to be honest, when she first came to C4, I was a little concerned. I hadn't realized how much animosity I had harbored since 16 for her and the group of girls that I felt had left me out. I talked to my mom and wondered how I had let that eat away at me for so long. I decided to let the past be just that and go on and try again. We didn't ever become close or even really hang out, but for me, I felt like I had been able to let go and that made all the difference in my ability to serve her as the Relief Society President.

On Friday, while at lunch with her little girl Tyla and Tyla's dad Teddy, Heather collapsed. She never regained consciousness. On Saturday, Staci Poss told me all about it and I hurried to the hospital to be there with her and her family. Apparently, Heather had an aneurysm in her brain which bled out. Saturday, the doctors told her family that she was already gone - the machines were keeping her mortal body functioning. Her family decided to wait to turn off life support until her sister could come from California. In that time, they also decided to donate her organs. What a wonderful gift in a tragic circumstance!

Staci and I left Saturday to go take care of Tyla. We picked her up and brought lots of treats. Tyla instantly won my heart. We sang songs all the way home and she even gave me hug before I left. What a sweetheart! On Sunday morning, Staci called me because Tyla had cut her foot pretty bad and probably needed stitches. I threw on church clothes in the hope that I would be able to at least partake of the sacrament in all of the goings and comings of the day (which I did), and headed over to Urgent Care. I was the human papoose! I got to hold Tyla down while the doctor gave her shots to numb her foot and put 5 stitches in. What fun! I almost got a needle in my eye. The highlight of the morning for everyone was when Tyla was crying and screaming "Kaycee get off of me!" I'm a big meanie, but she forgave me when the doctor told me she was done and I gave her some lip gloss. Who knew lip gloss was the cure-all? Tyla also cleaned out Target with Staci and Kirby while Susie picked up her antibiotic. That little girl is so loved.

On Sunday, we went back to the hospital. While there, I noticed that one of Teddy's family members was reading the Ensign I had left the day before. What article? "Families Can Be Together Forever" from June 2008! That was neat for me. I had felt prompted to leave it by the lunch we had brought the day before and to see a tender mercy extended in such a time was a testimony builder for me of Heavenly Father's love for each of us.

Heather was declared deceased at 10:27 a.m. Sunday, August 3, 2008 in Fort Worth, TX. The machines were left on until Monday though while all the required testing could be completed to find recipients. Currently, the date for the funeral has not been set, but the C4 Branch will be responsible. When I first met with Sister Hennefer for my training as the Relief Society President, I remember her saying that the RS is responsible for certain things following the death of a ward member. She said if that were to ever happen, I could call, but we didn't need to go into depth with that because "it's the singles." Two weeks and two deaths in the RS and I'm becoming far too familiar with what the responsibilities are. It's been very different from the other things I do day-to-day, but it has helped me recognize the importance of those daily happenings, in my personal life, with my family, at work, and serving in my calling.

In all of this, I keep thinking how important it is to live today because we never know what will happen tomorrow. I know that with death everything is not lost, but that there is hope in Christ for even more glorious blessings. Because the Savior lived and died and was resurrected, I know that Heather, and everyone who has lived, will be resurrected too someday. We can be with our families forever and live with God again. Heather will be missed, but I know that I will see her again.


Erin said...

Color combo is MUCH better. Thanks!

Two deaths in two weeks?! Very sad to hear, and I'm certain it isn't an easy task (just adding to your already long list of unexpected responsibilities). Remember that blessings follow the tribulations ... so I'm certain the Lord has something incredible for you in store.

Thanks again for blogging!

Megan Ferguson Roberts said...

I am sorry! Our prayers are with you and her family. I know I am far from you, but remember our friendship lasts forever.
Please send me your email address so I can add you on our blog. mswimf@gmail.com