Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My brother is going to India

Yes, that's right - India! Logan received a call to serve in the India Bangalore mission. We're still in shock, but we all know he'll do great. He has a fun list of immunizations he has to get that's for sure. One series (Japanese Encephalitis) is $100 per shot!!! It will be interesting to have him literally on the opposite side of the world. He'll be in India for Christmas. (Wow, just typing that I got a little choked up. The vapors....)

So onto other topics - I'm tired. Is that the usual post for me? Because I think I feel tired a lot! The nice thing is that my tired is just my eyes. My body feels energized - thanks for the drugs Dr. Johnson! I went to see my friend Dr. Johnson Monday for my check-up. Since the last time I was in I had lost 10lbs! But on an even more exciting note, I am down 30lbs since April. Holler! I'm hoping to be down another 15lbs before Logan and Michael leave on their missions. It will take some effot, but I think it can be done! For now, I'll keep downing the H20 and trying to avoid the Burger King fries and Taco Bell (my weight loss nemeses).


Anonymous said...

If you won't weigh so much can I still Love ya so much????

Luv -- "Pops"

p.s. you're still my favorite granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!!

Christi said...

Cute blog Kaycee! How do you do the link to see when your friends and fam post? I'm such a new blogger, but that is great! Way to go on the weight loss!