Monday, August 4, 2008

Kaycee's back to blogging

So, I had a blog a while ago on Xanga. I think the last post was in Spring 2006. With all the stuff that's been happening in my life, I figure it's time to begin again.

If you think that this blog will have tons of deep, thought-provoking ideas, guess again. Really, I just wanted a place to keep people up-to-date with the goings and comings of one Kaycee Renee. I think I stopped blogging because I'm a very personal person (that's funny) - personal in that I don't necessarily like to share my business with the world. I realize the benefit of having a place to keep everything organized though, so I'm back to blogging.

What this blog is:
  1. A place for me to tell everyone what's going on
  2. A journal that won't get lost in my church bag or behind my bed
  3. My attempt to follow Elder Ballard's counsel to share my testimony with the world through the electronic media
  4. Erin misses my craziness posted in electronic form where she can read it on her snazzy IPhone.
What this blog is not:
  1. A place for you to tell everyone what's going on (get your own blog!!! :)
  2. A place for me to share ALL of my thoughts and feelings (sorry folks- that's for that journal lost behind the bed or the bottom of the bottomless church bag)
  3. A diatribe about religions of the world (see the 11th Article of Faith)
  4. My personal correspondence with my Erin-friend - all are welcome to enjoy my craziness!
I don't know how well I'll do with keeping this current, but I'm putting my best foot forward.


Much Love,


Erin said...

Might I add, it is a pleasure to not only be mentioned in the blog, but to be a "label" is an honor. Thanks for starting a new blog ... but work on the colors. The pink and brown don't offer much contrast.

Woohoo for your new blog!

Suzanne said...

yea you have enterened yet another way to keep in touch or I mean spy on people and not really say alot to each So hey I really want to have a girls get together, Erin, You, Lauren, Me sometime in the future. I am starting an MPH program at UNCG. Here we go again. The pink and brown is hard to