Sunday, May 31, 2009

What have I been up to?

Well....not much to be honest. I am still unemployed - but looking ever more for a job. I have applied with a few school districts in the area and I'm hoping to be getting calls soon for interviews. I know someone needs a High School Biology Teacher with my skills!

I finally hung some of my bedroom decor that I got for Christmas in 2007! Wow! It's been that long! It looks pretty good if you ask me. I used Modge Podge on the mirrors to put the words that I wanted up - Dream and Love. Then I hung the shelf, pics, and put up some empty votive holders. I'm not really a candle person, but the colors went well in my room of black and white, so they were included on a whim.

I've also been a crochet machine. My bud MaryAnn asked for my help to make some end-of-school presents for her 3rd graders. I said Sure since I have the time. She created a monster! I have now started making crochet animals and can't stop! They're so cute and fun. I love it! I thought I would share some of my creations. The crocheting continues... I started a baby afghan, some cute bookmarks, and next up....who knows, but I'm sure it will be fun!

I have also resumed my summer exercise of choice - swimming in the lake! I'm so excited that it's warming up. I love swimming. The buoys have moved since last year due to all of the rain and the higher water levels. I can't see swimming safely to the peninsula now without have a large bright pink flag or something so the crazy people driving boats in Lake Lewisville can see me! Ideas?


Erin said...

Yay for cute crochet animals, and cute bedroom!

Handsome Rob said...

Decor looks magnificant. :o) Crochet.. you're crazy, but I love ya anyway. Ideas? Umm.. Die your hair pink. Or wear floaties on your arms. :o)

April Hardy said...

Welcome back to the blogging world!
I love your decor! You should apply for interior decorating jobs too. Happy Hunting (for jobs!)

kati b said...

Holy Guacamole those are some cute amminals! :) I can't see the slide show on my phone, so I was foaming at the mouth this weekend, waiting to see it when I could get back online at school! You go, girl! Super d-duper cuteness! Love the turtle and the lady bug, especially. I know you think your life isn't that interesting, but I think it is. Thanks for updating it and letting me know! Miss you!

Cindy Ardis said...

How fun, your room is cute and your animals too cute. I love to swim too to avoid the boats I suggest swimming in a pool!!