Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy, Sexy Tiger...

I was reading my scriptures tonight and saw the phrase that the sons of Mosiah were desirous to "go up to the land of Nephi." Now for normal people this would mean nothing...but for me...it brought back memories...ENJOY!

Go Up to the Mountain

Latin Guy wit a Ponytail (and maybe play some guitar)

I'm not acting, baby!

Chubby Little Love Handles

The Fat Got Scared

Crazy, Sexy Tiger

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Momma_S said...

Normal people, after a full year of not posting to their blog might catch people up on their lives. Normal people when hearing "go up to the mountain" might think of going to the temple. Not my people. There is no such thing as normal unless it involves a one liner. For this you stayed up way too late with your monkeys(boys)? Oh by the way, they are continuously quoting and "I'm not acting baby" and "I'm like a latin guy with a ponytail" and "It's like drinking a bunch of angry guys". Thus the reason scripture study ALWAYS ends with your Dad (jungle cat) on the floor, you, crazy monkey cat(KC).