Monday, January 26, 2009

The Adventures of Kiki and Miss Belle

During church last Sunday (1/25/09), I got a text from Dad that said "Can you pick up Adee for Mom?" My first thought was - Oh no! I hope something's not wrong! But then, I called Emilee and said I was on my way home from church and I could come pick up Adee and she told me that Adee had just wanted to come over and play with Tia (my mom) and Kiki (me). So, even though I was looking and feeling like I was on death's doorstep, I hopped over the Em's house and picked up my little look-a-like.

As soon as I got there, she was ready to go. Her outfit was perfect - a skirt and t-shirt that didn't match with a pink hoodie with rainbows all over it and jeans. The jeans were apparently an addition required by Mom since it was cold. I wish I had a camera! Too cute! Em told me she wanted to come play at my house. Who doesn't feel special when someone wants to come play with you? It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 25, it's nice to feel wanted and cool enough to hang out with!

So, we drove the mile and a half to my house. The whole way she would ask what song was playing on the radio and what the name of the street was. We didn't really go that far or make too many turns, so the answers were often - "Still the same as the last time you asked."

We got to my house and she asked - "Where's Tia?" Ah man - she didn't want to just play with me! Oh well! But, since Mom was busy trying to get stuff together for her calling, Adee got to be my little shadow. We picked out nail polish and painted her fingernails and toenails. She insisted on "rainbow" but I was able to convince her that we could have rainbow toes, but not fingers. She always likes to play with Kiki because that means she gets her fingernails painted AND she gets to watch a movie on my iPod (it's the only way I can keep her still enough to paint and then let it dry!).

After painting, we decided to have dinner. I went all out and scrambled up some eggs. She was loving that! She also got to enjoy some Chex Mix and cheese and apples with caramel dip! Balanced meal, right? I think I'm her favorite because I let her eat salty snacks as part of dinner. Heck - I like salty snacks as part of my dinner, so why deny her the joy too?

After dinner, we got ready for bed. She didn't want to sleep in one of the boys' t-shirts, so I went on a search for pajamas. I found a pair of size 8 SpongeBob pj pants in the bottom of Gavin's dresser (um....Gavin wears an 18.....pack rat!). She was tickled that she could wear them. They were a little long, but she was happy not to sleep in her jeans. We CLIMBED into my bed - it's almost taller than Adee - and snuggled up under the covers - about 3 blankets! We read 3 stories and then turned out the lights. She was worried that she might have a bad dream, so I told her to make sure that she woke me up if she got scared. Not 5 minutes later, she was telling me she had a bad dream (lie - she didn't even fall asleep!). I gave her a big hug and we closed our eyes and tried to sleep. It took her a while to fall asleep, but once she did, she was out for the night. I had to get up early to take Dad to work and go to work myself, so at 6 am, I sent her to climb in bed with Tia and our sleepover fun ended. Tia got to get her dressed for school and have breakfast with her.

I had a blast! I love that little girl. She was the one who gave me the title of "Mama Kiki" almost 4 years ago when I went to stay with her and her big brother while her little brother was born. Since she called all girls "Mama" and added their name, I would be "Mama Kaycee," but Kaycee is a difficult name for a 2 year old to say. When she said my name, Logan said it sounded like Kiki, so he started referring to me as Mama Kiki and the name stuck. It has since been shortened to just Kiki (although Brigham added a Tiki to it randomly today - Kiki Tiki).

Adee has quite the personality and spunk - and she has deep, dark chocolate brown eyes like me!

I love Miss Belle!


Christy said...

Cute post! I remember getting my toe nails painted when I was a kid, and whoever painted them was my best friend. Heck, if I could get someone to paint them now they'd be my best friend... Any takers?? Kaycee??

The Canciennes said...

Somehow, I missed this story.

Very cute. You can tell you love kids very much. I could see that when you were with Kaelyn on that hike. You had so much patience with her and made the trip back down fun. You're a good "aunt." I know cousin. But you get to be her cool aunt. Gavin called me his aunt a few years ago. It confuses Ryan sometimes too. :)