Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Service is a life-saver....Literally!

Yesterday at the Sorensen house was an interesting one to say the least -

I left work a few minutes late and realized that I needed to stop and get gas. While getting off the highway, my brother calls. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hello?"

Burke: "Hi Kaycee."

Me: "What's up? Did you need something?"

Burke: "Mom wants to know what time you'll be home."

Me: "In about an hour or so...I have to get gas and traffic is pretty bad."

Burke: "Ok, she says can you please hurry because she needs your help. We forgot we're feeding the missionaries today and Brigham pooped on the wall."

Me: "I'll hurry...wait did you say on the wall?"

Burke: "Yeah, he pooped and then played. See you soon."

So, with that in mind, I hurried to fill up, but there were these 2 teenage girls who came up to the guy pumping gas next to me. They asked if he had any money because they ran out of gas and had to get home to Cleburne (We were in Hurst). He said he didn't have any cash, but he would give them all the change in his ashtray. They gladly took it and headed over to their car. I watched and stood there and thought about how much I hate to just give money to people, but then remembered my running out of gas experience and tried to think of what I could do. They never asked me, so did they really need it? Well, I decided to go use my card and let them pump $5 worth of gas. When I offered, they were immediately thankful and keep thanking me the whole time the gas was a-pumpin. When I realized they were in an old Jeep, I knew $5 wouldn't get them very far, so I said $10. Yes, I should have been on the road to help clean-up the poop portrait, but it felt like I should help the girls out.

So, after they were done getting gas, I left and got back on the road. I got to Grapevine near DFW and the traffic was completely stopped. I took one of my secret back-ways and while passing the line of traffic, I saw that the highway was shut down with 2 fire engines and a couple of ambulances. The thought instantly came to my mind, if I hadn't spent the 5 or 10 extra minutes to help the girls, I would have been right there. Wow! Sometimes the Spirit is so awesome. I was so grateful for the prayers of my brothers who always ask Heavenly Father to help me be safe and have a good day at work. I definitely saw that prayer answered yesterday.

By the time I got home, the poop portrait was gone, dinner was ready to be put on the table, and the kids were playing happily in the backyard. My mom never ceases to amaze me! Yes, she has had a busy and rough time lately with everything she has to do, but how she does it, I don't know!

My dad is pretty awesome too! The day before my birthday, we were headed to Pancho's for a "Quantity not Quality: Mexican Feast and I stopped to pick up Mom and the Boys. We were waiting for a while, so I went in to see what was up and Mom was scurrying around the kitchen. Apparently the burner on the stove had started sparking and caught fire and put a hole in the pot. The stove would not turn off, and we couldn't unplug it, so I pulled the element out and we went on our merry way. Well, it was the largest burner, so it's been tricky to cook since then. Yesterday, my dad fixed the stove. He bought a new element and switched the wires so we can use the stove again. He's pretty handy and definitely a hard worker! Even after a full day of work (12 hours as a nurse!), he came home and installed a toilet seat, fixed the stove, and much more on the "honey do" list. It's another way that I amazed! He rocks!

I on the other hand feel like a dork. I only slept 1 hour the night before last and last night still didn't sleep over 6 hours or so. I feel like I am dragging constantly and I am not getting much done. I think I need to go be creative like Pres. Uchtdorf said at the General Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday....


aprilhardy said...

Your parents sure are amazing! They never cease to amaze me either, but you'd think I would be used to it by now. Kudos to Aunt Cheree and Uncle Howard for being such amazing parents!

Christy said...

I agree... your family is amazing. My favorite part of the reunion was sitting talking to your Mom. I learned a lot from her that week.
I'm glad my parents live close to you guys so we can see you guys when we come for holidays and stuff!

Momma_S said...

Ha Ha!! We've got you all fooled!! We are nothing but a pure unadulterated mess around here. Hence the poop on the walls. Just gives me the shivers like the hyenas in the Lion King saying, "Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa."
Yes that was a CRAZY night.

I am glad soooo glad we'll spend moret ime together when you guys visit your parents. It's been too long since you moved to Arizona. Those babies are getting big too quick. Squash them til I get to see them!!