Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eight things in six topics...

So Erin tagged can I resist this fun little interview...

8 Favorite TV shows:
  1. LOST
  2. Dancing with the Stars
  3. Jeopardy
  4. What Not to Wear
  5. So You Think You Can Dance
  6. The Colbert Report
  7. The Office
  8. Heroes
8 Things I did Yesterday:
  1. Went to work
  2. Went to 3 DSW Stores on the way home
  3. Called 5 DSW Stores
  4. A wonderful evening with the Stake President, his wife, and the fam
  5. Saw my brother set apart as a Missionary - Yay Elder Sorensen!
  6. Went to Penney's with B & G and thoroughly enjoyed their budding styles
  7. Watched some Dancing with the Stars & Jeopardy - see above!!
  8. Slept in the recliner while Elder Sorensen kept asking me how to copy pictures to the computer, where the family names to do baptims at Winter Quarters Temple were, can I take a picture with you, and my favorite - have you seen the Ipod?

8 Things I look forward to:

  1. October 2010
  2. the weekend - every week
  3. My weight loss goal acheived
  4. A Master's degree
  5. Debt paid off
  6. Home ownership
  7. A Piano Studio
  8. Mardi Gras - Erin, save that vacation time!!!!

8 Favorite Restaurants:

  1. Semolina's - Crawfish Alfredo - yes please!!!
  2. Deanie's - New Orleans Seafood - hello?
  3. Maggiano's - especially if I can see Katileigh Nell Burger!!!
  4. Prairie House - mmmm Sausage!
  5. Rockfish Grill - the closest thing to #2 in DFW
  6. Dodie's - a great pleace to visit when I'm feeling a trip to NOLA coming on, but don't have the cash!
  7. Bennigan's - the home of the Monte Cristo
  8. Applebee's - the home of the Shrimp and Spinach Salad!

8 Things on my Wish List:

  1. A new back
  2. A job closer to home
  3. Elders Sorensen and Starks to be great missionaries!
  4. Tax breaks all around!!!
  5. Price of oil per barrell - $50!
  6. A fun time at the State Fair on Friday
  7. Jill to do great on Saturday at Regionals
  8. move back to NOLA

8 People I tag:

  1. Mom
  2. Kati B.
  3. April H.
  4. Christy D.
  5. Amee S.
  6. Kerrie C.
  7. Suzanne L.
  8. YOU!

(If you have been tagged, post your answers to these six categories of 8, then tag 8 more people.)

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Erin said...

Of course! I was going to put Mardi Gras on my list of things I look forward to!