Monday, September 8, 2008

Thought this was clever...

and it applies so well in my family! The whole reason why The Simpsons was banned in the Sorensen home? At the age of 8, I told my mom "Don't have a cow man!"
Sorry - forgot to tell you where it's from: Banksy "the world's foremost art terrorist." Apparently, he hit New Orleans recently on August 28th just before the third anniversary of Katrina. This was one of his works.


Erin said...

That's is pretty funny. Where did you see that? It looks like it's on the side of a school or something.

kati b said...

That is pretty clever. Wish I had that talent! Is he in trouble for it or are they laughing?

To reply to your comment -- I am off on the 25th! My last day at Chili's is the 22nd and my first day at Maggiano's is the 29th.

When does Logan go to the Temple? Have your parents figured out a date? What about Michael?

Yes, more time to play for sure! And the good news is sometimes I can get out of my shifts at the last minute when things come up when I'm at Maggiano's!!